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5 Indicators That You Should Change Your Old Windows

Nov. 15, 2021

Have you ever found yourself asking, "Do I need new windows?" Starting the window replacement process is a big decision, so it's important to know you're making the right choice before you upgrade. Here are five scenarios to help you determine if your windows are end-of-life so you can shop for new ones that will do more for you and your lifestyle.

Exterior noise

Are your windows making unwanted noise? Outside noise can keep you up at night, and it's not worth the compromise. Whether it's traffic jams, barking dogs, planes flying over your house or your neighbors mowing their lawns, replacing your windows can help reduce noise transmission and improve sound performance. While there is no such thing as a completely soundproof window, there are several factors that can help your windows reduce noise.

Insulated aluminum windows and proper airtight installation can also improve sound insulation. If peace and quiet are more important to you, consider replacing your existing windows with noise-resistant windows.

Difficult to operate

If it becomes difficult to open and close your windows, consider replacing them. Operating your windows should be quick and easy. For example, a well-functioning double-hung window features two sashes that slide for efficient ventilation. Equally convenient is the operation of our revolutionary Easy-Slide Operator, available on select casement and awning windows. It allows you to open and close with a simple slide, no fiddly turning.

If your windows are not up to the task of opening and closing easily, it may be a sign to start buying replacement windows.

Big Glass Standing Prefabricated European Standard Water Proof Aluminum Sliding Door And Window

Uncomfortable airflow

Improved energy efficiency is a common reason why homeowners choose to purchase new windows. If you notice drafty windows, especially in the winter, then your existing windows are likely to increase your energy bills. Check the level, verticality, curvature, squareness and openings to determine if your windows are installed correctly. In addition to drafty windows, increased energy costs and improper installation, single pane windows and faded interiors, as described below, may also affect the energy efficiency of your windows.

Damaged windows

Damaged windows can pose a significant challenge to homeowners. Whether the problem is caused by a baseball tearing glass or an unsealed frame, windows sometimes suffer from water damage, mold, condensation, cracks, or debris. When windows are damaged, the frame or glass is exposed to elements that can cause other problems.

Broken glass is a more obvious sign of window damage and usually requires window replacement. Not only does broken glass look bad, but cracked, shattered or broken glass can also pose a threat to home security, providing opportunities for insects and allergens to enter.

Faded interiors

Another factor to consider regarding the energy efficiency of your windows is faded damage. Perhaps you are starting to notice your wood floors and furniture fading in different areas around your house where the sun is shining. This is a clear sign that your windows are not as energy efficient as they should be. In new windows, choosing a low-e or Low-E glass coating will add a thermal protection layer inside the insulating glass, blocking harmful UV rays and helping to prevent fading damage from occurring.

Keep reading these tips to choose energy-efficient windows and start learning about the benefits they offer.

While it can be difficult to estimate the lifespan of your windows, there are some simple signs to let you know it may be time to start buying replacement windows: your existing windows are difficult to operate, inefficient, too noisy, outdated or damaged.

When in doubt, feel free to seek the advice of a GANGYIN expert. We can help you determine if replacement is the best option and help you choose from a large selection of high-quality windows that will last for years. New aluminum thermal windows can provide many lasting benefits. Take a look at these replacement window installation options to make sure you get the benefits you expect and deserve.

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