Advantages, Disadvantages and Maintenance of Sliding Windows

Jul. 15, 2021

Sliding Windows are divided into horizontal sliding windows and vertical sliding windows according to the direction of sliding. Horizontal sliding windows require a rail slot above and below the sash, and vertical sliding windows should have pulleys and balance measures.

Sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economic price and good sealing. The use of high-grade slide rail, a gentle push, open flexible. With a large piece of glass, it can not only increase the indoor lighting, but also enhance the overall beauty of the building. The windows are in a good state of stress and not easily damaged, but the ventilation area is limited.


The advantage of sliding windows is that they do not take up extra space in the open and closed state and have a simple structure.

Sliding windows are generally most suitable for high-rise buildings above the second floor because the opening method is push-pull, unlike Casement Windows, where the windows are outside, and to avoid falling objects from the windows, sliding windows are most suitable for high-rise buildings.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows


The disadvantage is that the sash can only be opened up to 50% and the airtightness is poor when closed. In recent years, there are improved sliding windows with new technology that allows multiple sashes to be pushed to the folded side. There are also sliding windows with improved airtightness, but overall they still do not meet the thermal performance of casement windows and have high energy consumption, so they are rarely used in developed countries.

Daily maintenance

1. After the installation of windows and doors, the protective film on the surface of the profile should be torn off in time and scrubbed clean; otherwise, the protective film backing will leave a lot of residue on the profile, which is difficult to clean.

2. In windy days, the casement window sash should be closed in time.

3. The handle of the casement window cannot be hung on heavy objects.

4. Casement windows are opened differently by changing the direction of the handle, understand the operation method so as not to cause damage.

5. Sliding windows in use, should often clean the sliding track, keep it clean, so that the track surface and groove without hard particles.

6. Plastic doors and windows have a drainage system in the window frame, sash and other openings to ensure the airtight performance and watertight performance of the doors and windows, and users do not block the drainage holes of the windows and doors during use, so as not to cause a decline in the drainage performance of the doors and windows.

7. Push and pull point of the sliding window should be in the middle or below the window position, do not push and pull too hard, so as not to reduce the service life of the window.

8. The screen can be removed from the fixed screen tape, remove the screen and clean it with water-soluble detergent respectively.

9. Sliding window screen in use, please note that the inner track sliding fan vertical frame overlap, can maintain a good seal.

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