Why Choose New Aluminum Sliding Windows?

Jun. 15, 2021

Aluminum Sliding Window Suppliers say that aluminum window frames are popular nowadays because they are a cheaper option compared to wood frames and are relatively low cost to maintain, in addition to the positive factors, it is long lasting. Resizing existing aluminum windows is also easy, and you can easily reuse existing aluminum frames and fill the gaps with silicon.

Aluminum Sliding Window

Aluminum Sliding Window

If you are replacing aluminum windows:

The existing window can be replaced with the same frame with anodized and glass, if the existing window is not soundproof and you intend to convert the same window into a soundproof window, then it will not work. Because of the double laminated glass used in soundproof windows, your existing windows cannot be installed. It needs different parts and for that you have to install new aluminum sliding windows

In a newly purchased home:

Sometimes in newly bought apartments, some builders provide Aluminum Window Frames that are not of good quality or do not slide smoothly, which can increase the cost if the owner wants to replace it.

Our advice:

It is recommended that a new window be made without repairing the existing aluminum window.

If you want to change the glass and have anodized aluminum windows, it is almost as much as a new window, because in this process the contractor needs to check the current condition of the window to see if it is possible, he needs to remove the whole window, transport it to the workshop, send the aluminum profile to a completely different place for anodizing. And transport it back to the workshop and install the glass and other accessories, i.e. glass pvc, screws, silicon, etc. and finally transport it to your home and install it in place.

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